We are a volunteer-driven organization that believes in the transformative power of reciprocity and mutual support. Here, neighborhood residents and students contribute their time, skills, and passion to create a sustainable community support infrastructure.

Last year, 50+ volunteers contributed 7,300+ hours of support.
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Bridge Builders

All of RCP's volunteers start as a Bridge Builder. As Bridge Builder volunteers, we work closely alongside local refugee families to assist them in reaching their goals. Bridge Builders join a Neighborhood Pod, made up of other Bridge Builder volunteers and a Pod Leader. Pods are mini-support communities, where Bridge Builders join together to problem solve, share tips and resources, and celebrate successes. This is a unique and powerful experience for volunteers of all ages. While we prefer volunteers be able to commit for 2+ years, Bridge Builders involves a 1 year minimum commitment, visiting with families for 2-4 hours per week, and participating in RCP's regular community events. Submit your interest here



Special Skills

Do you have specific skills or talents you'd like to use to help RCP further its mission? If you are a photographer, website guru, social media strategist, journalist, graphic designer, multi-lingual speaker, or other specially skilled magician, consider volunteering your expertise. Inquire with info@refugeecommunitypartnership.org

Leadership opportunities for current Bridge Builders

From capacity building to grant research to administrative systems, the opportunities to get your hands on the internal operations of RCP are endless. We value the perspectives, creativity, and motivation volunteers bring to our growth and inner workings, and cherish the opportunity to be shaped by people who are excited and energized by this work. Submit your interest to info@refugeecommunitypartnership.org

  • Social Communications Manager We want to get the public jazzed about refugee-related issues and RCP's mission. The Social Communications Manager, in partnership with the Executive Director, will develop and implement a communications strategic plan involving the creation and posting of share-worthy content for social media and email campaigns, capturing the inspiring stories of RCP's participants and volunteers, and planning donor engagement communications.
  • Volunteer Coordinator We are a volunteer-driven organization and work hard to make the volunteer experience as enriching and valuable as the participant experience. The Volunteer Coordinator will manage inbound volunteers inquiries, work with staff to strengthen volunteer training and engagement, and streamline volunteer communications.